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The Largest Distribution Of Any Publication In The Four Corners

American Classifieds is found through much of The Four Corners

PEOPLE ARE REACHED BY MULTIPLE MEDIA EVERY DAY! American Classifieds has a Proven and Consistent method of approaching this market. With 30,000+ papers distributed each week to racks and store locations, our goal is to make sure our publication is readily available to the consumer when and where they need it. According to the Circulation Verification Council Audit, 74.8% of our readers will purchase products and services seen in this publication.

With almost 500 locations around The Four Corners, there still is the possibility that there isn’t a rack in your location. Feel free to contact our Distribution Manager and ask for one: Racks are free.


“The Nickel”

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Why Is The CVC Logo Placed Above?

Circulation Verification Council (CVC) is an independent, third-party reporting audit company. CVC audits thousands of editions nationwide with a combined circulation of more than 55 million. Our audits cover printing, distribution, circulation, websites, digital editions, mobile, email, social media and readership studies to give an accurate picture of a publication’s reach and market penetration.

With increased competition for circulation and advertising revenue, publishers have come to depend on CVC for the numbers they need to make solid business decisions. As a strategic business partner, we provide valuable information on their publications.

Media decision makers responsible for planning and placing print advertising, know CVC is an impartial and trusted source for information regarding market penetration and readership in an ever-changing industry.

American Classifieds has partnered with CVC to provide reliable information regarding our publication(s). The question you should be asking is, “Why haven’t the other free publications chosen to audit their papers?”